Jinx 2

Join this #TrickOrTreater as he journeys into a #Christmas dimension! #HalloweenGames #ChristmasGames
  After Jinx wondered into some strangers home on Halloween Night and ran into a mad scientists experiment, both he and him got thrown into the 34th dimension! Now they are stranded on a parellel universe in a Winter wonderland-on a parallel Earth with a simular North Pole. Though with a lot of peculiarities!

 Forget what they told you about Anticlause! He does not live on our plane in the South Pole. No siree. He's Santa's identical twin brother and is on call by him on this plane just in case there are a few bratty kids on his list upon our planet! 

 Just like the last episode you must point and click your way around and find a few clues to solve a few Xmas riddles! You must help the scientist find and fix his machine for the both of them to head back home.

 I thought this one was just as good if not better then part one. What with a Christmas/Halloween hybrid combo package! All in all, I felt, Jinx 2 was an inprovment to part 1!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Jinx Episode 2!


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