Christmas Bubbles

In #Christmas bubbles, you must pop all the bubbbles within the snowglobe! #ChristmasGames #XmasGames
 What's Christmas without snowglobes. Stores are glittered with them. Come on let's face it. Everytime you head to the mall or go on vacation, your bound to bump into one of these little trinkets. Every house has at least one by the windowsill by #Christmastide!

 So what better way to play a Christmas game then inside a snowglobe ai? Ingenious? Well, that's what MyYardGames has cooked up for us with art and programming brought to you by the Krot and Enotick team! The Piano rendition of jingle bells is done by the much sought after Keven McLead!

 In this game, you must find matching bubbles that are the same color(2 or more) and blow on them by clicking one of them. The object is to clear the whole snowglobe of bubbles. Popping candy, stars, or even elves will result in bonus points! But accumulating em will only result in game over so think carefully!

 I think this Christmas game was Well done! The jingle bell tune is exellent and catchy! Though if it get's in your nerves, a mute button is provided. My only complaint wound be the the game's difficulty. The weariness of constantly clicking to pop the bubbles. But other then that mishap, I thought Christmas Bubbles diserves at least 4 stars from me!

Ratings: 4:5 Stars!

Play Christmas Bubbles!


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