James the Christmas Zebra

 Everyone's heard of Christmas mice, reindeers, donkeys, even spiders. But have you seen an Xmas Zebra? Escecially one swinging on cloud 9? 

 Introducing James The Christmas Zebra-a platform strategy brought to you by Tom and Dim! In this game you must swing from cloud to cloud collecting all holiday cookies while avoiding those figgi puddings as they'll explode in your face. Use the Arrow Keys to swing, move, and jump. You could even swing above the canopy of clouds and eat those cookies while your at it. You must grab all the sugar cookies before tankie takes you away and says times up!

 This game was fairly decent and somewhat unique. I mean who wouldn't like swinging from cloud to cloud on a Christmas rush. The soundtrack was good did not sound christmasy. Otherwise, I thought they did a great job with this flick!

Play James the Christmas Zebra! 


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