Ashton's Family Resort

This is the #Christmas edition to Ashton's Family Christmas. A #TimeManagementGame.
 Christmas is just around the corner and many are exited to spend it in the snowy frigid mountains. You see, global warming has resulted in many a brown Christmas across the U.S.A. White Xmas's are a thing of the past. Spending Yuletide in the 70's is becoming much more common. Nostalgia and fond memories of white holiday seasons has driven many to find it in high altitudes.

 That's why you must help the Ashton's run a Winter Resort to give everyone a #Christmas to remember! Ashton's Family Resort is a time management holiday game where you must cater to your clients every need. If the customers are pleased, you'll get a tip. That's why you must constantly be on your toes. Why, because that money can go to getting upgrades to spice up the joint which'll get you even more dough. The more Christmasy the atmosphere the happier your guests will be.

 I thought the game was pretty neat and challenging. The music was somewhat festive but if it get's annoying you can always go to menu then options to mute it. So if your looking for a good #Xmas Time Management flash game to get you buy before the main meal, then this should suffice!

Ratings 5 Stars!

Play Ashton's Family Resort!


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Midnight Cinima

It's #HalloweenNight and this guy needs to get to the bottom of this mystery in this #PointAndClick adventure!
 One year ago on Halloween night a viscous murder took place in this sleepy town nestled deep in the Appalachians. No one knows why he did it or if the man knew whom he murdered. Some say it was because he had too much water in the brain. Others chim an evil spirit took over his body due to the man's previous clean record. Still nobody has a clue why the old fella did it. The next day police found the guys corpse with a noose tied around his neck.

 Well tonight exactly one year later, a movie will be released purporting to tell the real tale of what happened that rainy night. But the show is by invitation only. 

 Thankfully Randy has a pass. But he won't give it away unless you do him a favor. Help Vova wonder around town this October 31st to do whatever it takes to get that ticket. Search, combine, and use items to help get him into the theater in no time. As always there are other people who need favors done to get what you need. 

 Urban legend has it that either he's still alive or his spirit will come back on the anniversary and go on a murderous rampage! Question is will Vova make it to the film in one piece or will he become another victim to this bloodthirsty killer?!

 I find Midnight Cinema to my liking. Dialogue is fun. Carmel games might be a little cheeky but interesting at the same time. Overall I give this one 5 starsbeing actually Halloweenish!

ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Midnight Cinima!


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Summer Slacking

Join Sarah on her #Summer camp adventures without getting in trouble! #SummerGames
 Ah...Summer camp. A time to roast marshmallows, wolf down frankfurters, or get into a steep shaving cream fight! All without the coordinator knowing about it. After all, ignorance is bliss.

 Well, that's pretty much what it's like with Sarah. You see, her counselor wants them to participate in boring camp activities. However, she wants to have a little fun while on Summer vacation. That's why you must help her slack by accomplishing a few  fun activities of her own without him seeing you. Each task is a minigame all of itself. Whenever the guy is over your shoulder, press the X button or be prepared to get scolded and start all over.

 I thought this game was fairly good. Not too challenging for kids yet just enough to keep you on your toes. I'm happy to give it 5 thumbs up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Summer Camp Slacking


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