The Last Door Ch. 4

Join Devit as he searches deeper into the truth. #HororGames $#BrowserGames
 It appears Devitt and his friends have delved too deeply into what is not to be dabbled into. Yet it's too late to turn back. They must finish what they started. 

 It looks like Alexander has fallen into a deep stuper. Yet he's the one who summoned you to this place. Something eerie is and sinister is going on around here. You must find out why all this commencing and to the bottom of this mysique.

As always use skills to solve riddles, find, and combine things in your inventory. Will this finally solve the untimate puzzle of what's behind the Curtain or simply lead us to another clue? Find out in the last chapter of The Last Door: Ancient Shadows!

 This might not have as many freaky scenes but is still deep in narrative-imersing you in 19th Century England Atari style! I give this 5 stars overall!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Chapter 4: The Ancient Shadows!


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The Last Door Ch. 3

 All these years I've manage to supress these dreadful memories. Every morning I would wake up relieved I hadn't commited any heineous acts...Or so I thought.

 Apartently I am apart of an Occult-a secret society bent on obtaining essential knowledge of the unknown. Just who is this bird-what they term as the All-Seeing-Eye?

 It appears someone tried to kill me and lay my corpse in this rugged coffin. They burried me alive! Now I must escape and get to the bottom of this mystery. 

 In this installment you must go through town to solve the riddle of the Black Hawk. The leader of your pact! Gameplay is familier to previous episodes where you must seek out items, store, and combine them in your inventory. 

 As with past episodes, this one will not disappoint. The game is a bit longer yet will not bore you in the least. The Four Witnesses will leaving clifthanging for chapter four!

Ratings: 5 Stars!


Play The Four Witnesses!


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Headless Zombie

Once upon a time,

 There lived a prosperous kindom with a handsome prince. Everything he ever wanted was bestowed upon the lad. Whether it be riches, delicasies, good-looks, you name it. Everyone admired that boy. Except one hideous magician in the shadows.

 When choosing whom to adobt, the King seemingly regected him. For years the dark magician sullied in anger and bitter jealousy-plotting to get even with His Highness via slaying his son. Finally his insideous chance had come!

 One night while riding his horse, the black wizard started the prince-causing him to fall, break his neck, and enter the land of the dead. Now you must find a way to outsmart the warlock and burst back through the gates of the realm of the living!

 Headless Zombie is a Halloween-themed physics puzzler where you must find a clever way to get from point a to point b. Whether it be decapitating yourself to flip a switch or whatnot. There are 20 corses in all. 

 I thought the Halloween game well-executed with crisp graphics clean animation. Gameplay is not too challenging which is good in the fustrating department but prehaps not so much for challenge addics. In all, I give Headless Zombie 5 Stars!

Ratings 5 Stars!

Play Headless Zombie!


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The Last Door 2

 Your friend Anthony has drove himself insane. His guilt has taken it's toll. The man's concience knaring at his soul has compelled him to hang himself. But why?

 That's what you must find out in The Last Door Episode 2-Memories! Our next adventure takes us to an old Catholic boarding school now converted to a nursing home. Something hideous and sacriligious is lurking deep inside this dwelling. What's worse, I feel I am apart of this unholy alliance! Every night I get flashbacks and nightmares. I wake up screaming in a cold sweat as if I've done something unforgivable. But what could I have done to elicit such guilty pangs? See for yourself!

 Part 2 is an improvement of the first installment. Things get juicy especially towards the end! So much so, I can't wait to find out what happens in episode three! The graphics and motions are more crisp. The soundtracking has an aura to it. In all, I give Memories 5 thumbs up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here is a Walkthrough!

The Last Door Chapter 2!


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The Stone of Anamara Episode 1

A fugitive seeks refuge in a haunted former mental asylum. #HorrorGames #HalloweenGames
 I never meant for this to happen. Recently I was fired for something I had no cotrol over. Then I was evicted from my apartment because I couldn't make ends meet. I took a few candy bars from the supermarket. The cashier took note and buzzed the police. For hours the cops were on my tail. Until finally I outsmarted them.

 At 7 P.M. I found an abandoned hospital. It looked creepy and foreboding. But hey, any place is better then no place to spend the night. Prehaps there's some food they left behind in thier kitchen.

 This place turns out to be a former mental asylum for mentally ill children. For some insideous reason it was abandoned not too long ago. By the words in these notes littering the premises it appears someone was dabbling into the occult! 

 I must get to the bottom of this. I feel something evil is lurking within these walls. A Walkthrough will surely help me in my quest. I'd rather be safe in a padded cell then die here all alone. What was I thinking!

 Chapter one is very atmospheric. With palpable creepy soundtracking and exquisite interactive graphics. It's one thing to be in a haunted house. Quite another to spend the night in a mental asylum full of spooks! At least they're children right? All in all I give this Halloween game 5 thumbs up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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The Last Door-Chapter 1

#HorrorGames #HalloweenGames
 Your friend Anthony. Your truest friend just sent you a letter to meet him in his mannor who you haven't seen in years. His thoughts are troubling him. "We need to talk face to face promptly"! So you oblige-wondering what this could all mean.

 Upon ariving you soon discover the mansion deserted and forboding. Something dreadful has happened in this estate. That much you can feel. A heavy sense of dread lurks within the shadows of it's corridors. It's as if the house is possesed! We must get to the bottom of this creepy mystery. And that's where you my friend come in.

  Use your mouse to look for clues, search for items, and progress your way through the narrative. Anthony is still alive in some form. You can feel it. But something dark and diabolical is also creeping though the cracks. There are diary pages strewn out all over the premises. As a dear friend it behooveth you to why such a horendous fate fell upon this once lofty dwelling.

 I've managed to get though chapter one and already I'm loving what I'm seeing. From it's Atari-esque graphics to the quintessencial and sometimes soundtracking I think you'll get into the story in no time. The ending has a very steep cliffhanger which beckens us to head on to the next installment which I'll review shortly. All in all, I give part one 5 thumbs up!

Ratings! 5 Stars!

Play The Last Door-The Letter!

The Last Door 1 Walkthrough!

Play The Last Door Part 1!


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Papa's Scooperia

 Well well. Looks like you won an all expense paid trip to the big apple. That includes a week long stay at the Carlton. What's not to love. Visiting the Statue of Liberty with a nice slice of oily pizza. Walking through Central Park with a wiener in hand. Enjoying the Summer breeze while shopping uptown. What could go wrong. Well now. You didn't read the fine print...Until you arrived.

 Down at the bottom of the slip of your winning ticket it says in small fine print "accommodations covered only when vacancy is available". To make matters worse you spent most of your spare cash on new cloths and delicious food. Now you're left with no money or a place to quietly lay your head to rest. There's nothing left to do except wallow in self pity. Alas all is not lost...Or so you think!

 A mysterious fella in a trench-coat offers you a nice studio to reside in for seven nights. Just $250! What else could you do but except the deal! So off to bed you went and off he went laughing to the bank. 

 The next morning rudely awakens you to banging and clanging. Walking downstairs bumps you into Papa Louie(the guy you worked for at Taco Mia)! He's directing folks to finish up the touches to his new cookie joint in town. You explain to him the whole situation of being scammed and all. Unfortunately he could do nothing about it except offer you a place to sleep...As long as you worked full-time in this restaurant which happens to open today!

 As always you must furfil each order exactly as specified(especially those picky food critics and boy are they picky in this installment). You are graded equally on quality and efficiency. The better you do the more tips you earn. After finishing each day you can gather tokens to play Mr Fodini's games and/or purchase items to perk up the joint to earn even more money!

 Although this time management piece is somewhat similar to Papa Louie's Freezeria, it does offer a unique spin. Instead of plain ice cream sundaes you got warm cookies fresh from the oven with scoops on everyone's favorite frozen dessert on top! As said earlier the game is a bit harder and more challenging. In all, I give Flipline Studios 5 thumbs up for another outstanding game!

Ratings: 5 stars!

Play Papa's Scooperia!


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Happy Easter-Mahjong

Here is #Easter #Mahjong!
 Well I can't believe it's already Easter 2018! Time to get those jelly beans, deviled eggs, and chocolate bunnies out in case Peter Cottontail misses your home. If he doesn't sleep on the job, you just might be lucky to pick up Easter Mahjong!

 Just like any other form of Mahjong, you must match any 2 open tiles until the whole board is clear. You lose only when no other matches can be made. 

 I thought the game was alright. It only needed a few Easter carols to spice ithings up. I'd give this 4 out of five stars!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Easter Mahjong


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Ashton's Family Resort

This is the #Christmas edition to Ashton's Family Christmas. A #TimeManagementGame.
 Christmas is just around the corner and many are exited to spend it in the snowy frigid mountains. You see, global warming has resulted in many a brown Christmas across the U.S.A. White Xmas's are a thing of the past. Spending Yuletide in the 70's is becoming much more common. Nostalgia and fond memories of white holiday seasons has driven many to find it in high altitudes.

 That's why you must help the Ashton's run a Winter Resort to give everyone a #Christmas to remember! Ashton's Family Resort is a time management holiday game where you must cater to your clients every need. If the customers are pleased, you'll get a tip. That's why you must constantly be on your toes. Why, because that money can go to getting upgrades to spice up the joint which'll get you even more dough. The more Christmasy the atmosphere the happier your guests will be.

 I thought the game was pretty neat and challenging. The music was somewhat festive but if it get's annoying you can always go to menu then options to mute it. So if your looking for a good #Xmas Time Management flash game to get you buy before the main meal, then this should suffice!

Ratings 5 Stars!

Play Ashton's Family Resort!


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Midnight Cinima

It's #HalloweenNight and this guy needs to get to the bottom of this mystery in this #PointAndClick adventure!
 One year ago on Halloween night a viscous murder took place in this sleepy town nestled deep in the Appalachians. No one knows why he did it or if the man knew whom he murdered. Some say it was because he had too much water in the brain. Others chim an evil spirit took over his body due to the man's previous clean record. Still nobody has a clue why the old fella did it. The next day police found the guys corpse with a noose tied around his neck.

 Well tonight exactly one year later, a movie will be released purporting to tell the real tale of what happened that rainy night. But the show is by invitation only. 

 Thankfully Randy has a pass. But he won't give it away unless you do him a favor. Help Vova wonder around town this October 31st to do whatever it takes to get that ticket. Search, combine, and use items to help get him into the theater in no time. As always there are other people who need favors done to get what you need. 

 Urban legend has it that either he's still alive or his spirit will come back on the anniversary and go on a murderous rampage! Question is will Vova make it to the film in one piece or will he become another victim to this bloodthirsty killer?!

 I find Midnight Cinema to my liking. Dialogue is fun. Carmel games might be a little cheeky but interesting at the same time. Overall I give this one 5 starsbeing actually Halloweenish!

ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Midnight Cinima!


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