Xmas Penguin Jump One and Two

Hop on each #Platform in this #Christmas #StrategyGame! #ChristmasGames #XmasGames Every year a snowman is bound to lose his head over a mound of snow. Especially over Christmas vacation! Well, this one thinks he's Olaf but in reality is nothing more then a desperate penguin earning brownie points.

 Introducing Xmas Penguin Jump one and two-a platform/strategy game by Toon Games! In part 1, you must use your mouse(left click) to aim and jump from platform to platform until you've reached the Xmas gifts home portal. Aiming is tricky. Trial and error is how I eventually got it. There are fifteen levels in all.

 In part 2, all you have to do is hop upwards on each platform without falling. Aim for the boosters to turbospeed your way upwards! He must reach the top unto an Xmas portal in order to win.

 I thought part one was allright. It has Christmas music to boot. But part 2 I felt had more body to it. Even though no music accompanied the game. All in all, I enjoyed both xmas games yet part 2 wins my vote!

Part 1 Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Part 2 Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Xmas Penguin Jump!

Play Xmas Penguin Jump 2!


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