Duendes In Yew Year

On #BoxingDay help the #Elves make preparations for the #NewYearsBaby before #NewYearsEve ends! #NewYearsGames
  New Years Eve is just a couple of days away. Ahhh, a time to look back then make New Years resolutions. A time to drink rootbeer and eat nachos until the Ball drops by midnight! A time for elves to make preparations for 2017.

 That's exactly what you must help these little people do in Esklavos's new Point-And-Click adventure by Frederico Rutenburg! In it, you must help New Years Santa's elves clean house and get it in order before the New Year dawns. Use your mouse to collect items and interact with your surroundings. Santa is counting on you to save the New Year. Will you let him down?

 As with all of Fred's games, I was thoroughly impressed with this one. From the crisp graphics, smooth animation, and magical background tune, I fell in love with this fairy tale-esque flash game. The only bummer is the music doesn't last long(unles you toggle with the mute nosel). But otherwise, expect tobe immersed in another adventure by Esklavos!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Duendes In New Year Walkthrough

1. Pick up jug of water next to elve upstairs.

2. scissors above window.

3. take light branch and first mug next to chest.

4. Take first deflated balloon and dark branch next to pipe high above stove.

5. Get second mug just above stove.

6. Get third mug on top of book on bookcase.

7. Take mortar, empty bottle on table, and second deflated balloon above chandelier.

8. Read New Years list and take note. Grab seed and third deflated balloon below paper.

9. Open trapdoor(via latch upstairs), pour water, and insert seed to grow flowers(if door closes just open it again).

10. Use key to open chest and get net, fourth mug and torch.

11. Open front door(via latch on first floor upper left near bookcase), take fourth deflated balloon, and use scissors on tree branch to get fruit then again to get leaves.

12. Combine fruit and mortar to get juice then juice and bottle to get wine(liquor).

13. place four mugs and bottle of wine on table.

14. Give fat elf the four deflated balloons to blow them up.

15. Place torch to chandelier to light up torch.

16. Place dark branch into stove then use lighted torch to ignite it.

17. Combine net with light branch to create fish net.

18. Place leaves in stove. Bird will fly on over and startle the fairy.

19. Use fish net to capture her.

 The End!!!

Now Play Esklavos-Duendes In New Year!


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