New Year Fireworks Cargo!

See if you can safely deliver these fresh #Fireworks just in time for #NewYearsEve! #NewYearsGames
 Aaahhh...What's New Years Eve without rootbeer, prezels, tortia chips, reeses pieces, and a bottle of champaign(ah forget that. I hate champaign lol). All whie counting down til the Ball drops or watching a spectacular fireworks display.

 The latter is exactly what this man must prepare for before New Years Eve! It's now December 29th and you must help this fella deliver these firecrackers safely through the snow terrian. If you want to make everyone's New Years a night to remember, you must carry these pyrotechnic bombs without lossing them. Use the Arrow Keys to drive along and balance the truck. There are 20 levels in all. Don't lose too many crackers or it's game over(each level has a limit that increases as you progress)! A walkthrough is provided ingame.

 I thought this game was well done! The difficulty is right up there as you must keep your eyes peeled that you don't lose to many fireworks. My only complaint is the lack of a goal post at the end of each level. Otherwise, I think Vitality Games did a great job exucuting a fine New Years driving game!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Play New Year Fireworks Cargo!


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