Abroy-Christmas Trouble

See if you can get this #Elf to #Escape and release #Santa and his fellow #Elves! #ChristmasGames

 Every year Santa and his Elves make manufacter toys in the North Pole for all the goody good children of the world. The naughty children would expect nothing but coal in their stockings. The grinch was one of those batty kids who just two Christmases before his transformation, attempted to kidnap Santa and his elves.

 Introducing "Christmas Trouble"-a point and click Xmas escape game by Abroy! As head elf, you must yourself escape from your cage then release the others and finally Kris Kringle. 

 The Grinch is a spoiled brat and needs himself to be taught a lesson. Fortunately, he will convert to a good lad with the Whos two years down the road!

 This game was fairly well done. Connecting the dots and using toys to arrest your nemesis and free Santa's Workshop. However, there no Christmas music to be had. That's the only complaint I have. Otherwise, Abroy did a fine job with Christmas Trouble!

Ratings: 4 Stars!

Christmas Trouble Walkthrough

#1. Pick up remote control with red button.

#2. Grab battery(this'll empower remote control).

#3. Get Christmas Lights.

#4. Throw lights up to chandelier.

#5. Connect lights with shovel truck.

#6. Click on truck to free yourself and go to next scene.

#7. Grab scotch tape, candy canes, and pair of wooken skiis to make a ladder.

#8. Put ladder on shelf and get toolbox.

#9. Grab screwdriver on floor.

#10. Go to combination lock and lift each latch in the correct order(Northwest, Southeast, Northeast, North, East, West, South, Southwest) to free your fellow elves and go to the next scene.

#11. Grab stuffed monkey, chisel, and toy train to combine them.

#12. Grab disloged train tracks on each side of the bookshelf and reconnect them to the track.

#13. Install toy train on tracks to break down wooden barrier and head towards toy factory.

#14. Grab bag and place it on conveyor belt.

#15. Grab broken switch and attach it on conveyor belt.

#16. Now click on computer screen and solve puzzle(Install toys in their right place). Then flip switch on conveyor belt to go to next scene.

#17. Grab two scissors blades to create a pair of scissors.

#18. Grab red handles on either side to create hand-held pliers.

#19. Grab balloon then helium tank to create balloon tank.

#20. Now click on reindeer on cieling then the other one to free them to go on to next scene.

#21. Grab crowbar, machine botton, then transmission from car.

#22. Click on machine to install transmission and button then activate machine to lower Santa.

#23 Now click on Santa to solve another puzzle(undistort the Xmas light image) to head unto the next scene.

#24. Grab robot and wheels to create finished toy.

#25. Now grab helicoper, remote control, Xmas Lights, and horse-shoe magnet, then click on the Grinch 3X's to entrap him and head for the next scene.

#26. Grab Christmas Bulb, boomerand stick, and sliegh handles on each end of room.

#27. Attach handles on sliegh(by clicking Santa twice) then grab yellow string to make boomerang.

#28. Use boomerang on Santa's bag to drop it on his sliegh.

#29. Click on wires to solve final puzzle(Make sure the wires connect). Once done Santa will be on his way!

 The End!!!

Play Abroy-Christmas Trouble!


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