The Smurfs Last Christmas

Help the #Smurfs escape the evil clutches of #Gargamel on #ChristmasEve!
 It's Christmas Eve and the Smurfs are lighting up their own Xmas tree. But Clumsy Smurf living up to his name trips and sets the darn tree on fre. So all the blue midgets head out in the freezing cold to retrieve another evergreen to dress up for the big day.

 Until Dr. Gargamel ruins all the fun. This sinister character abducts all the smurfs in his evil lair in the forrest. The one Santa gave coils to every Christmas. His sister was the only one to escape his malisious grasp. Now it's up to Clumsy Smurf to save the day.

 Point and Click your way around smurfvill uring themouse. Colect and store items in your inventory(believe me. There's a lot). There are giants to quelch and various riddles to solve before you can rescule your fellow kinsmen. Save them you must if you want to salvage what's left of Christmas.

 Inkagames has done a great job with the graphics and sound-effects. I wasn't much of a Smurf freak but this sure conforms to the look and feel of the cartoon. In all, I give this rendition five thumbs up even without Xmas music!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Smurf's Last Christmas Walkthrough!

Play Smurfs Last Christmas!


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