Old Horror House Escape

 Back in the 1960's a nice suburban family moved into this very home. The realter sold it to them for a steal. It was to good to be true. A 4 bedroom/4 bath 4 story quient home for only $12,000 sounds to good to be true and in this case it truely was.

 The house was built upon an ancient burial mound. The spirits did not like these new neigbors.  It all started with the scratching in the walls. Then the footsteps in the attic. Then the fathers insanity would go off. Many allege he murdered his wife and kids then took his own life. Others say the spirits did all the dirty work. But whatever legend you believe, now you're stuck in this very house in 2016!

 Use your mouse and noodle to point and click to put 2 and 2 together and soulve the riddles these spirits are putting you through. A video walkthrough is availible ingame.  Unlike most WOW games I find Horror House very atmospheric and eerie. The Graphics are more presentable and well done. Overall, a Halloween thriller!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Old Horror House Escape!


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