David and Keithan the Haunted Lighthouse!

Here is another #Halloween themed #PointAndClick #AdventureGame broaght to you you by #CarmelGames! #HalloweenFlashGames
 Legend has it that the old lighthouse by the Peir is haunted. The place was last overlooked in 2006 before finally closing it's doors due to strange phenomena. 

 The lighthouse dates back to the 19th Century and was owned by quite a few afluent folks. In 1938, the Jefferson's sold the Beaken to the government who then made it a historical landmark ever since.

 Now as Paranormal Investigators, David and Keithan must get to the bottom of this mystery and you must help them. Use your mouse to find clues and interactive with your surroundings. Collect various items and stash them in your inventory.

 This particular spooky Carmel Game I felt was well put together and even challenging at times. There were a few comical parts thrown in for added flare. All in all, if your lookinf for a kooky online experience it won't happen until you've reached the lighthouse. But it's worth it!

Ratings: 4.5: Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough in case ya get stuck!

Play David and Keithan - The Haunted Lighthouse!


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