Haunted Valley

Here is Haunted Valley! A #HiddenObjectGame by #Hidden4Fun! #HalloweenGames Back in the 1800's this valley was once a sleepy peaceful meadow. Full of life and vibrancy. Well watered and manicured. Until the hungry 40's drove a desperate Irish farmer to a mysterious herb to boost his crops. Little did he know this herb would cause the whole town to go mad!

  Legend has it the townsmens all went insane and committed suicide. Their souls still reside within this valley to this very day. Others say the Irishman masacred all these victims and to this day imprisins them in this forsakken wilderness. No one know's for sure what really happens one hundred and sevendy years ago!

 Within each scene, you must seek out a variety of objects. Hints are provided within the game. Okey, I got carried away with the storyline there again. But you get the drift. Although it's just your average hidden object game, the soundracking is fairly creepy. Overall, a nice 15 min break.

Ratings: 4;5: Stars! 

Play Haunted Valley!


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