Halloween Scary Rooms

#Halloween is just around the corner. Why not whet your #Fall appetite on this Creepy #HiddenObjectGame! #HalloweenGames #CreepyGames
 Halloween is just 29 days away. I can just see the Jack-O-Lanterns lining the streets with their hideous faces. Toilet paper liters the nieborhood trees and trick-or-treaters are darting from house to house hoping to get handfuls of candy.

 I know it's still a ways away. But here's a little Hidden Object Game that'll get you into the Ghoulish spirit in no time!

 Halloween Scary Rooms has a creepy soundtrack with an allotted buzzard that will go off if you do not find all items depicted within your inventory. There are 5 scenes in all. Score as many points possible.

 Personally I found it a bit too short. They should of added a few more levels ore senes fore added flavor. But other it was a great spooky game!

Ratings: 4:8 Stars!

Play Halloween Scary Games!


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