Monster Basement

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 You have no clue how you got here in the first place. It's cold dark damp and You don't quite feel like yourself. It's as if your coming down with a case of altitude sickness with a a sense of queziness inyour stomach that you can't explain.

 You look up and realize your part of an alaborate experiment. But for what? Am I in the Twilight Zone or something!!! Will I become like those two dead creatures right beside me? Help!!

 Introducing the first installment of Monster Basement a point and click horror game brought to you by Patrick Majewski of Godlymations! You must find a way to escape this contrapement before you become someone's dinner! A walk through is provided ingame.

 I was thoughly satisfed with this #Halloween flick. The atmosphere and soundtracking was definately there. Only thing lacking were a few jump scares. Otherwise, Monster Basement Part 1 was great!

Ratings: 5 Stars!


1. Click the bottom-left arrow.

2. Go up the steps and lift Godlimations poster from bottom-left to get green key then go back down.

3. Turn your way leftwards and your facing the lab table. Click the trashbin under the right side of the table. Get the Empty Spray can and white crumbled papper then zoom out.

4. Collect the yellow support stand on the lab table right above the trashbin.

5. Now get out the empty spray can and fill it will that red substance to your far right then zoom out.

6. Click Lab table drawers to your left. The Middle drawer wll give you a yellow crombled papper. zoom out.

7. Now zoom into the red phone and call The Handy Man and The Salvation Army with these two numbers: Handy Man= 944-521-644, Salvation Army= 725-828-466. After that two letter should arrive shortly. A screwdriver and a fish emblem. Go back down.

8. Use spray can on vampire flies to get the axe.

9. Turn the lights out. Now go up(very top of screen) to the floresent light and use screwdriver four times to get lightbulb. Remember to click bottom-left arrow then turn right.

10.  Click to zoom between the bloody table and the bookcase. Get Right Metal Cylinder. zoom out.

11. Get locked journal from bookcase. Use green key on locked journal. Read though the journal til the end then collect golden key.

12. Now go back to the lab table drawers and open the bottom one with the golden key to get the golden egg then zoom out.

13. Now go left and Use axe on wooden door.

14. Install the lightbulb within the circle socket at the top of screen then quickly axe the Mud Vile to death(otherwise you might have to start over.

15. Click the central-furthest point of the right refridgerater to get Left Metal Cylinder.

16. Click top of left refridgerater to get grey key then leave room. 

17. Go to the cage and open it with grey key. Remove blanet to reveal dead goliath. Now go back to bloody table again and place blanet there to mask scent and ward of vampire flies.

18. Go back to the bookshelf and zoom in on golden circle. Place Support stand on circle. Then Golden Cylinders on Support Stand. Then the Golden Egg at the center. Finally the Fish Emblem should be inserted in front of the pack.

19. Turn about face and click the wall several times until it cracks to reveal a vitality Potion and a Heart. Now answer the phone.

20. Quickly go up the steps and place the heart upon one of the meathooks then go back down and give Goliath the Vitality Potion to bring him back from the dead. Watch the ending!

21. The End!!!

Play Monster Basement!


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