Labor Day Factory Escape

This #LaborDay test your #RoomEscape skills with Labor day factory escape by #Games2Rule
 After a peacful strike at 11 PM. The nmanagement of Sylvestrus INC. confirms they'll raise wages for all starting next week. At that, the whole crowd cheers!

 As ringleader of the sitin, you cit a night and send everyone in what you thought was a successful protest. the last soul leaves the factory, suddenly everything goes dark!

 It's as if you've been transported into another reality. Everything is in disarray. It's tempting to think the Russians had something to do with this. But on second thought, your boss has you right where he wants you on Labor Day Weekend!

 Introducing Labor Day Factory Escape! A gourmaid room escape by Games 2 Rule! In it, you must find a clever way out of this crooked factory before your folks have a heart attack! Look for clues, solve a few puzzles, do whatever needs to be done to escape and put an end to the tyranny of Sylvestrus Inc!


Play Labor Day Factory Escape!


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