911 Flash Game

#No one will ever forget #911! Here is a #WorldTradeCenter #Simulater depicting that fateful day! #FlashGames
 No one can forget that...day 15 years ago. When Ben Laddan ordered a handful of insidious terrorists to ingeniously hijack several airlines and crash them into the WTC, Pentagon, and even The White House(thankfully the latter didn't happen all due to self-sacrificing individuals onboard that plane). The brevity of life flashed before everyones eyes. Apparently, we learned we as Americans are not immune to large scale terrorists attacks!

 To comemorate the fifteenth anniversary of 911, here is a 2D flash game simulation depicting the World Trade Center getting demolished by hijacking terrorists. In it, you must crash the aroplane into the towers then safly rescue all the peaple from harms way. Do each task using the WASD keys for maneuvering. Do each task quickly to get a high score.

 I thought this game was alright. Nothing spectacular but a fairl straightforward simulater that'll get your attention for 5 minutes!

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

Play World Trade Center 911 Flash Game!


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