Birthday Bonanza!

Here are five #Birthday-themed #FlashGames for you to indulge! #BirthdayGames
 August marks the month of honor and dignity. The time Caesar Augustus took the throne and most importantly the month of my birthday!

 In honor of this occasion, I have five free birthday-themed flash games for you to splurge on! From room-escapes to equestrian adventures, we start with...

#1 The Day!

Here is #TheDay. An #InteractiveNarrative by #GregoryWeir! It's Tia's Birthday, but something just doesn't seem right. Part challenge part interactive narrative, you must get to the bottom of this mystery. There is more then one way to finish this game. It all depends on you!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play The Day!

#2 Animal Crackers!

#AnimalCrackers is a cute political #FlashGame by #MuhammadAddulRahim!
 It's the president's birthday and you must plan accordingly. Problem is, the republicanines and the Democats can't decide on how to throw this party on the taxpayers money. So as an Independent, you must work out a compromise to satisfy both sides of the tale.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Animal Crackers!

#3 Cube Escape Birthday!

Here is the #Birthday edition to #CubeEscape by #RustyLake! #BirthdayGames #RoomEscapeGames
 You are a detective from 1973. But mysteriously you've been teleported back to February 16th, 1939. What's more? It's your 9th birthday and you've become once more what you were then-a little boy!

 Make your parents proud! Interact with your surroundings and solve the riddle of your life. In a time when things were more simpler.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Cube Escape Birthday!

#4 Birthday Cake!

Here is #BirthdayCake by #FlashGames247! #DecorativeGames
 Here is a simplified decorative game by FlashGames247. Decorate the cake any way you wish and create a card wishing your family or friends a happy birthday!

Ratings: 4 Stars!

Play Birthday Cake!

#5 Snail Bob 2!

As #SnailBob you must tarry your your to your uncle's #BirthdayParty before it's too late! #SnailBob2 #AdventureGames #PlatformGames
 Last but not least here is Snail Bob 2! As the slow-poke of the Universe, you must scurry your way to your uncle's birthday party before it's all said and done. But not to worry. You've got all month to drop by his little hut!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play snail Bob 2!

 That's all the party-favors I can spare. If this month also marks your big day then Happy Birthday to you too!


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