Dibbles 3 Desert Despair

Help these #Dibbles escort the King through the howling wilderness of the desert! #SummerGames #PlatformGames
 After trekking through the vineyards of Spring and the barren wilderness of Winter, these rascals must now endure the blazing heat of Summer-desert style!

 You must aid these red herrings to get their Majesty through the scorching sands of the Sahara. Whatever order you give they will follow. All in the name of the king. Use any gadgets at your disposal. The Dibbles will respond by sacrificing for the greater good. Although they must journey through a blazing and terrifying wilderness, at least it's a dry heat(wink)!

 Gameplay pretty much picks up from part one and two. Which I'm sure you won't mind here. I am in love with the second Dibbles tune! Very soundscapish! All in all, I give part three 5 thumbs up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Desert Despair!


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