Yeti Overwinter

Help the Yeti survive the Ice Age in this action-packed #WinterGame! #Yeti #FlashGames
 The Abominable Snowman is an apline creature of the Himalayas who live in packs along the snowy foothills of Mount Shasta. These giant gorilla-like beasts are what locals call "the Yetti". Some legends describe them as "white hoary monsters with razor-sharp fangs who can grow up to a stature of 18 feet tall". These creatures coats turn white at Boreal Winter. But during Summer Solstice they are as dark as bears!

 Yet all that is just hearsay. In reality, these snow Hopscotches are no different from you or me. They have their own tribes and societal honor code hidden from civilization. But because of Global Warming, that's all about to change.

 You see, mankind has been pumping copious amounts of CO2 in the sky. There's a delicate balance to our home planet. But when that equilibrium is thwarted, Mother Nature must counter-act that imbalance with something just as detrimental-that is the next Ice Age!

 In order to survive, the Yeti must risk exposure by sloping downhill collecting all food necessary to survive glaciation. To do this, your hoary family has provided you with a fair of skies. You must glide through the frozen wilderness accumulating all edible fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds then head to your home cave before the buzzer runs out. Watch out for icicles, trees, and treacherous ditches which'll impinge on your journey home. Use the Left Arrow Key to break, Right to accelerate, Upper Key to jump(twice to flip), Bottom to crouch. Once the course is cleared, your score will greatly depend on the number and type of fruit acquired. Plus how fast you get home. Good luck and may you survive the Ice Age!

 I felt it a pain in the butt every time he crashed I had to wait 5-10 seconds before he recuperated. Otherwise, gameplay is fairly interesting under an acrostic piano melody. Overall, I give this Winter game four and a half thumbs up!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Yeti Overwinter!


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