FireBoy and Watergirl In Ice Temple

Here is the fourth installment to #FireboyAndWaterboy by #OsloAlbet-the Ice Temple! #WinterGames #PlatformGames #FlashGames
 After journeying through two Aztec temples, Fireboy and Watergirl trek through the North Pole. On their new adventure, they encounter an Ice Temple brimming with booby-traps and other elemental struggles only the two of them could pull off. Furthermore, this temple is said to only appear during Boreal night(6 months of Winter). It is said that if one finds an Ice palace over the Arctic Sea, he must quickly solve it's engraven riddles or else the North will perpetually stay cold and dark.

 as two opposing elements, these lads must work together to get by 36 icy challenges filled with ancient puzzles-each performing their unique role. Use the Arrow Keys to control Fireboy. Move Watergirl with WASD. When Summer arrives, be sure to thanks these two elemental sprites.

 I thought controlling each character differently was quite challenging and unique(with each one doing their part). The soundeffects are reminiscent of Zelda: The Windwaker! With superb graphics and well-done computer animation, I give Olso Albet's third installment 5 thumbs up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Fireboy and Watergirl in Ice Temple!


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