Mario Ice Skating

Here is another #Mario game this time all about snowboarding! #MarioGames #WinterGames
 It's late January and since Bowser is not up to mischief, it's time for the Plumber to go on a retreat. Mario and his comrades have opted to scale Cool Cool Mountain for an adventurous ski trip. But they need your help to pull this off.

 Use the Arrow Keys to slide and balance and Space to hop. Hoard all the coins you can find. But watchout for awkward tree stomps and a few frozen metamorphic rocks detrimental on your journey. You must snowboard downhill until you reach the finish line.

 The into has a neat saxophone rendition to "Bomb-Omb Battlefield" from Super Mario 64! While gameplay features soundtracking in one of his games from Nintendo DS. I thought gameplay was fairly challenging though a bit tedious. Overall, I give Mario Ice Skating 4 thumbs up!

Ratings 4 Stars!

Play Mario Ice Skating!


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