Bedrock Bobsledding Blowout

Here is a #Winter #Flintstones #RacingGame featuring #PebblesCereal! #WinterGames
  Fred Flinstone has opted to take his whole family on a skiing trip up the Stony Mountains just north of Bedrock. While there, his boss spots him and immediately begs him to participate in a mutual bobsledding contest for a grand prize of 100 Dino's($2 Million adjusted for inflation). Barn prods him to jump in. So Fred grabs a Stone-Hard Lemonade and goes Yebadabadoo!!!

 Thus, you are now one of the contestants to this years Stone Mountain Winter Bedrock Bob Contest. Use the Arrow Keys to move left/right and accelerate. Oddly, they've left several spoonfuls of Fruity Pebbles for you to munch on along your trec. Watch out for boulders and other nuisance objects that'll obstruct your progress. Look for boosters to increase speed. Whatever you do, keep your eye on the prize and make Velma(and Barney) proud!

 I love the smooth animation and 3D graphics to this bobsledding simulator. Gameplay is fairly simple to get used to and does get harder as you progress. Overall, I give this Flintstones game 5 thumbs up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Bedrock Bob!


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