Fancy Snowboarding

Here is Fancy Snowboarding. A #Winter edition to #FancypantsAdventures by #BradBorne!
 It's the middle of Winter in the northern hemisphere. When everyone heads to the mountains and skis or snowboards downhill just for the thrill of it. An excuse to build snowmen or drink hot cocoa even though the Holidays are over. But how bout a snowy edition to Brad Born's Fancypants Adventures?

 That's right, Brad has developed a Winter edition filled with frozen loop de loos, rugged snowmen, and of course a few corkscrews to fetch as you slide downhill. But unlike previous installments, the Arrow Keys will not come in handy! Instead as the third person, you must use your mouse(left-click) to draw a platform over every ditch(you encounter) and quickly crossover before it disappears. You must also draw hills over loopy edges so you don't wind up heading backwards.

 I was a bit frustrated over the game's difficulty in registering my left-clicks(to draw a linear platform). I'd much prefer the way things were in his other installments. Otherwise, I felt it was fairly interesting!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Fancy Snowboarding!


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