Dibbles 2: Winter Woes

Here is the second installment to the #PlatformGame #Dibbles by #ThePodge! #WinterGames #ThirdPersonGames
 The Dibbleton tribe is at it again with a sequel. This time, they must venture forth and safely escort the King through the tundra. It's 85 below in the middle of Borael Winter! Anyone could freeze to deaths in a matter of minutes!

 Unfortunately, Dibbles aren't a very bright bunch. You see, these simpletons need a little guidance which you can provide by strategically dragging and dropping instruction manuals along the beaten path. Otherwise, enjoy the show. Being altruistic, these fellas will sacrifice their dignity nay their very necks for The Crown. They might be low on I.Q. yet the red tribe is certainly rich in virtue!

 Dibbles 2 is pretty much an extension of the Last Installment. Both were well-executed. The soundtrack to part 2 is acoustically tranquil upon piano. Gameplay is fairly addicting after you know what you're doing. Overall, I give this flash game 5 thumbs up just like "For The Greater Good"!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Dibbles-2-Winter-Woes!


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