A Christmas Blackout

Here is a #Christmas #PointAndClick adventure by #CarmelGames and #MouseCity! #ChristmasGames
 The Albanian Housing Association is conducting their annual Christmas lighting contest. For fifteen years now someone has walked home with a gingerbread coupon(a dozen free cookies) as a grand prize. And tonight they will inspect each home to see who's this years winner. Only one problem stands in your way.

 A blackout has nullified all your Xmas decorations from their majestic splendor. Now you must find a clever way to find the crux of the matter and restore power before everyone walks away out of boredom. Look around the house, find, and combine items in your inventory. Perhaps you could give your guests something to get them by as you search about the premises. Just keep your eye on the prize and those Gingerbread Men will be yours in no time!

Christmas Blackout Review

 Carmel Games and Mouse City have done another fabulous job placating a Christmas point-and-click game flick. Like Jerry's Merry Christmas and Gingerbread Cookie Crumbles, A Christmas Blackout has a quirky storyline to boot. Although nothing spanking new, it's something to preoccupy your noodle before coffee break is over! In case you're stuck, a written walkthrough is provided below.

Ratings: 5 Stars!


1. Pick up first ring near polar bear and sample of snow in front of door then go into house.

2. In the Family Room, get second ring in bowl and basement key from under stand.

3. Go right into Kitchen. Grab third and final ring from counter. Then get tea bag from refrigerator.

4. Get giant salt-shaker from counter cabinet.

5. Go right into the Living Room and grab towel below snowmen frame and take green cup from table. Then click door to head for the Backyard.

6. Use salt to melt the ice then key to open the Basement door. Go down stairs.

7. Get nutcracker toy on top of washing machine. Attach rings on the combination girdle(battery-looking thingy) and adjust them til all parts are in their proper place to reveal numerals.

8. Use the left-most-code to unlock safe on wall(463) and get tea kettle.

9. Go back to the Kitchen. Use towel to handle the cookie in the oven.

10. Combine snow sample with kettle, tea-bag with kettle, then place in on the stove.

11. Now go back to the Front Yard and give the kid a cookie(he'll bestow a match-box in return).

12. Go back in the kitchen and use matches on stove to cook tea. Then grab the kettle.

13. Combine cup with kettle.

14. Go back out and give the old lady a cup of tea(she'll bestow a winding-key in return.

15. Combine nutcracker with winding-key.

16. Go back to the Family Room and place nutcracker in front of Nutmeg's(the mouse's) home(mouse hole). The rodent will bestow the power-grid key in return.

17. Use key to open power grid and switch the power back on.

The End!!!

Now go play A Christmas Blackout!


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