Christmas Thr33s

Here is a #StrategyGame by #DailyFreeGames called Christmas Thr33s! #ChristmasGames
 The Holidays are upon us and the Christmas Tree Division of Santa Clause INC. has hired you to plant,nurture, and decorate three evergreen trees into brilliant Xmas trees! This endeavor shall take place within the center of Lexington. 

 Your objective is to harness rain, sunshine, and various Holiday ornaments and distribute them evenly between each tree. Your goal is to raise the morale of the people via boosting Christmas spirit. Just be watchful of a few grinchy fowls who'll love to fowl things up. You can fend these buzzards either by popping balloons of manually goading them.

 I like how there's an Easy, Medium, and Hard mode to choose. Regardless, I don't think this much of a challenge as a DIY fun activity. All under a decent acrostic rendition of "Deck the Halls". Overall, I give this strategy 4.5 stars!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Christmas Trees!


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