Christmas Dreams

In Christmas Dreams, you must spot 5 differences between mirror pics to clear each course! #ChristmasGames #DifferenceGames ##XmasGames
 Come immerse yourself within a Winter wonderland full of enchantment and mystery. Filled with Christmas cheer and anthropomorphic caroling mammals each doing their part in decking the landscape with seasonal blitz.

 Introducing "Christmas Dreams"-a spot-the-difference Xmas game by Next Difference Games. Here you must identify up to five alterations between mirror images to complete the course. Each correct move gives you 25 points while a wrong one subtracts five. Bonus points will be awarded on a timely finish(depending on how fast you spot those 5 differences). In case you can't figure it out, a clue button comes in handy. There are forty levels in all. 

 I find this difference game quite festive and Christmasy. From the immaculate computer artwork to the rich seasonal background music(gameplay tune almost hints at "Mary Did You Know" in the first installment), I think Christmas Dreams deserves a play over coffee(or hot chocolate) break!

Play Christmas Dreams!

Play Christmas Dreams 2!


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