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Here are 5 brief #NewYears #RoomEscape reviews from Online Game Lounge! #NewYearsGames
 Once again, another year draws to a close. A new one is closely dawning. New Years Eve is a great time to eat Italian Ioui, key lime pie, drink wine, and watch the ball drop in times square over a bag of trail mix. But before Ryan Seacrest does his annual countdown to 2016, I've got five room escapes to dispose before he rings in the new year!

#1 Magic New Year Escape

Here is a #NewYears #RoomEscape game by #Esklavos!
 Did you know that the New Years Baby also owns a chalk full of goodies( just like Saint Nicolas? Yep and he's pulled a great prank on you this New Years Eve. 

 This morning, you mysteriously woke up on the wooden floor within an enchanted old home. This house has a magical grandfather clock which slowly ticks away in the stillness of the stale air. You must find an ingenious way to escape or else time will forever be suspended in space(at least for you).

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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Here's a Walkthrough!

#2 Where Is 2016?

Here is #MateuszSkutnik's 8th Where Is the New Year game Where Is 2016! #NewYearsGames #PastelGames
 2016 is fast approaching. But the child does not want to come out and ring in the new year. Once again, Mateusz Skutnik has crafted another one of his now famous Where Is The New Year game series. This time Where Is 2016?, which in all ways appears better then Last Years Installment. As before, you must find this elusive child before the clock strikes midnight tonight!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Where Is 2016?!

Here's a Walkthrough!

#3 New Year Escape 2016

Here is a good #NewYears #RoomEscape by #CrazyEscapeGames!
 Last night, you were kidnapped by a former band mate within an exotic home with no way out. The dude has left subtle clues like breadcrumbs that you must decipher if you ever want to get out of her before New Years Day. This game has some awesome guitar licks as background soundtracking. Apparently firing your former lead guitarist was a big mistake he'll never forgive. A walkthrough is provided in game.

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Play New Year Escape 2016!

#4 New Year Party Escape

Here is another #NewYears #RoomEscape by #GraceGirlsGames!
 Late one night at a Facebook convention, you gave a compelling speech about where the market was heading in 2016. All was fine and dandy until wham! Someone knocked you out from behind. Upon arousing, you realize you're alone trapped within a ballroom filled with New Years confetti and memorabilia. Apparently everyone has vanished without a trace. Now you must seek out a way to escape this party room and come back to reality before they hire another executive in your place. A walkthrough is provided on site.

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

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#5 New Year Eve Escape

Here is a good #NewYears #StrategyGame by #CoolGames8! Your friends have opted to throw a New Years Eve party over their crib. They've invited you and many others to revel in the New Year with exquisite decorations and numerous party favors. One of your pals gave you a cup of eggnog that didn't sit quite well. The drink knocked you out cold upon the couch. What's more? Once you opened your eyes, everyone was gone with the door locked(from the outside). 

 Now you must find a way to straighten everything out(fill each scene with New Years trinkets) and escape this elegant nightmare before 2016 rears it's pretty head around the corner.

Ratings: 4.4 Stars!

Play New Year Eve Escape!

Here's a Walkthrough!

 That's all the games have on this last day of 2015. Have a great and prosperous new year!


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