Where Is the New Year?

Here is a unique #NewYears #PointAndClick adventure by #MateuszSkutnik!
 For eight years now Mateusz Skutnik has without fail released an intricate New Years point-and-click adventure right before the Ball drops. The series is famously dubbed "Where Is the New Year?"! In each quest, you must meticulously hunt for the New Year or else forever be suspended in nothingness. So far, Mat has come out with...

1. Where Is 2010?(where you can also find the link to "Where Is 2009?")

2. Where Is 2011?

3. Where Is 2012?

4. Where Is 2013?

5. Where Is 2014?

6. Where Is 2015?

7. Where Is 2016?(second out of 5 reviewed games)

8. Where Is 2017?(this one's a free downloadable game)

9. Where is 2018?(coming soon)


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