Zoo Transport

In #Tanuko's Zoo Transport, you must load the truck with animals and channel them to the zoo! #PhysicsGames #DrivingGames
 After being unfairly canned in your last job, the local county zoo in Atlanta has just offered you a spot on logistics. They want you to transport their animals from one location to another. They promise $20/hour with incentive plus good benefits after 6 months. Who could resist such an offer?

 But of course there was a catch. There are no restraints on this truck to protect these pests from injury. Conveying these wild animals from port A to port B will be a pain in the but. So keep your eyes peeled to the road especially when climbing small inversions. If a box falls overboard, you can always back up to collect another one at the start(Too bad that doesn't work in the real world). 

 Your family is depending on you. You have four mouths to feed. Don't let your girls down by getting terminated once again.

 I find this physics trucking game quite charming. Although I felt the difficulty was a bit tedious for a driving game. Otherwise I think Tanuko did a fairly decent job producing another great physics stacker!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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