Five Frightful Party Favors!

Tonight I have five #Halloween games to spare as party favors! #HalloweenGames #Mario #Jigsaw #MatchThree #MonkeyGoHappy #TheMummy
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 Well, another Halloween has dawned upon us. A night full of Reese's, Butterfingers, Hershey's, spooks, and pumpkin Frappe's. A time when it's O.K. to scare yourself and go door to door begging for candy. Tonight I have five frightful party favors to chew on before evening falls.

#1 Mario's Ghost Island

Help #Mario fend off the #Boos off Ghost island in #SuperMario Star Scramble! #HalloweenGames #SpookyGames
 Our first treat takes us to Ghost Island. A world taken from Nintendo's Super Mario Star Scramble 2. Mario must hop through a few leery platforms infested with boos to restore the Toadstoolian power source. Mario's star power.

Ratings 5 Stars!

Play Ghost Island!

#2 Monkey Go Happy Halloween

Here is the #Halloween edition to #MonkeyGoHappy!
Pencilkids has treated us to another fun-filled spooky adventure with Monkey Go happy Halloween. In this quest, you must find a way to turn the monkeys frown upside down on this frightful Night. Perhaps giving Professor Van Helsing a hand will do the trick?

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Monkey Go Happy Halloween!

#3 Mummy's Path Level Pack

Here's another #Halloween #Physics #PuzzleGame!
 Apparently this mummy is not prepared to venture forth from Egypt. He must go through a few tests to sharpen his skills. As the title implies, you must safely carve a path for the mummy's head to roll toward and reattach itself to it's corpse. There are items to drag-and-drop to ensure his head is recapitated again.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Mummys Path Level Pack!

#4 Halloween Crush Party

Here's another #Halloween #Match3 #SpookyGame!

 Our fourth favor gives us a match three Halloween puzzle! As the name suggests, you must align three or more of the same kind to score. You must reach a specified score to reach the next course on a limited timescale. Each level gets trickier. So good luck and knock yourselves out!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Play Halloween Crush Party!

#5 Halloween Lego Jeep

Try out this #Halloween #Lego Jigsaw #Puzzle!

 Last but not least, here is a kooky virtual jigsaw puzzle by Inocreato! It's difficulty caters to almost everyone. There is an Easy, Medium, and Hard mode plus a timed and free edition. One thing is missing here-Halloween soundtracking!

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

Play Halloween Lego Jeep!

 That about wraps up this years Halloween. Stay tuned for next October for more spooky game reviews. Till then Happy Halloween!!


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