Cut the Rope

Here is the free #BrowserBased edition to #CutTheRope staring #OmNum!
 Meet Om Num. Just your ordinary green monster who inhabits standard UPS boxes across the world. This little critter craves only the best candy money could buy. Only on problem. He can't move one inch! That's where you come in.

 Within each course lays a scrumptious piece of caramel candy suspended on a string. You must strategically cut the rope so that the caramel candy ball lands in his mouth. Be sure to use every device in your disposal to maneuver this treat to collect three stars within each stage. Accumulating certain amounts will open new boxes jam-packed with new levels and more physics-bending obstacles! Each box contains 25 courses to satisfy the goobers appetite.

Cut The Rope Review

  Om Num has become a candy-crunching physics-based phenomenon within the online gaming arena! He's even got a cartoon and a downloadable sequel which you can find Here! I find this flash edition well-executed with standard graphics and succinct animation. My only complaint is a few intrusive ads between various levels. Otherwise Cut The Rope is an excellent strategy puzzler that'll boggle your brain!

Play Cut The Rope!


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