Nekra Psaria 4

Here is the fourth installment to #NekraPsaria by #Drawmaneater! Better then the previous three! #PointAndClickGames
 Johnny boy must embark on yet another twisted morbid adventure through the treacherous valley of Nekra Psaria! This time he must take his journey through the night watches-when everyone's in bed sound asleep. Even the generator needs a little snooze to recharge his batteries for the evening.

 Introducing Nekra Psaria 4! Another bazark point-and-click adventure by Drawmaneater. As with previous episodes, you'll have to scurry about from scene to scene collecting odd things and exchanging them with odd creatures. Whenever the screen lights up as you hover your cursor over a spot is your cue to either interact or head to the next screen over. I have provided a walkthrough in case you get stuck. Yes, there's another roach to defeat toward game's end.

 I thought this installment was rather more succinct and a bit easier to master. I thought the gameplay was cleverly put-together. Whether it be night and day, Winter or Summer, or even gliding on clowd 9, Nekra Psaria 4 has a lot more variety then the last three episodes!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Nekra Psaria 4!

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Nekra Psaria 4 Walkthrough

1. Go into house then bathroom. Zoom into tub. Get hand.

2. Go back to bedroom. Click right then zoom into bed and get pillow.

3. Leave the house. Zoom into yellow box next to front door and get fuel.

4. Go right then down ladder. Get hammer next to ladder.

5. Go up then right twice to fish's mouth. Use hammer on planks and go in.

6. Once in, zoom into planks and retrieve oxygen mask.

7. Go out and left four times. Go into the shed. Head up the ladder and bang a left. Zoom into box and give the fella a pillow in exchange for the wound-up mechanical devise.

8. Go straight. Use oxygen mask to retrieve rotten food from chamber then head out of the shack.

9. Go right twice and head back down the ditch. Give robot that winding devise.

10. Go in then enter back door. Zoom in and get balloon head then leave ditch.

11. Go right and enter roach stall. Use looped rope to attack ladder to machine, go up, and get remote control. Leave roach stall.

12. Go right once up the bathroom stall. Give homeless man some fuel. Enter door into computer room.

13. Click on right yellow eyelid and get button with the number 2.

14. Go back home. Click on T.V. and remote. Hit the power button and the #3. Get food can.

15. Click the #1 then the power button again. Get hand note.

16. Now place the 2 button you've found on the remote, click it, then move forward. Give the flies a bag of rotten food for a can opener then head out of house.

17. Go back to the homeless man's stall into the computer room.

18. Click on computer. Place hand and hand note on PC(?) to confirm. Then take hand again.

19. Go back into the shack up the ladder then left twice. Click on right box. Give food can to hungry key(and I've thought I've seen everything). Use can-opener on can. Take satiated key.

20. Now head back into the homeless man's stall. Click on left door. Give key to carnivorous keyhole then enter.

21. Take strobe lights(?).

22. Head back into shack up the ladder then left. Use hand on scanner then enter. Grab the cat.

23. Go back then left. Click and place cat on egg. Get plumbing bird.

24. Go back home into bathroom. Use bird on tub then go down ladder. Grab shovel.

25. Go back out of the house and into the ditch. Use shovel on wind-up robot then enter resultant query. Use strobe-lights on railroad worker(he'll take you outside).

26. Zoom into wrecked rail-car and collect stick.

27. Go right twice and enter vaulted room.

28. Zoom into cabinet and collect yellow box and read book.

29. Leave room and go left twice. Go into the cave, straight, then left again to the small island.

30. Zoom up to barrel and get cork.

31. Go into yellow box and give the dude a smaller box in exchange for an alarm clock.

32. Go back out of cave.

33. Go right twice then up the ladder. Go into right shack and click night stand to get sleeping shades.

34. Use alarm clock on man. Click under him to collect his false teeth.

35. Go back down and right. Enter day/night shack. Flip lever to night then head back out up the latter.

36. Use stick to get star then go back down.

37. Go right twice. Insert star into door then enter.

38. Get honey from cabinet. Open freezer(this should turn everything into a winter wonderland like Tom & Jerry).

39. Go out then straight thrice into forest. Get note from tree.

40. Go back into fridge shack and close the freezer(turns everything back to normal).

41. Go left twice then enter tree. Go down the ladder.

42. Give man jar of honey in exchange for a honey comb.

43. Zoom into cockroach boy and give him night shades(he'll give you tape).

44. Go back into fridge room and open freezer door.

45. Go back to the forest and enter narrow shack. Give Caterpillar tape(for a cocoon).

46. Click up till you see a head. Grab S-shaped crowbar. Go back to fridge shack.

47. After shutting the fridge again(see 44) go back to day/night shack and flip lever to day then head back up the ladder.

48. Use honey comb on golden shrine to enter.

49. Go forward twice and zoom in to pick up pencil.

50. Go into cabinet, use cork on bee hole, and grab bee hive.

51. Go back down into the vault room. Give right man honey comb(He'll give you a Winter hat in return).

52. Give left man false teeth(he'll open up his chest). Enter.

53. Enter perfect club. Give doorkeeper perfect note.

54. Zoom into left lounge table and get scissors(apparently planks are very IN right now).

55. Go back into fridge shack and open freezer again. Go out and right. Give frozen head a Winter hat.

56. Go down then zoom in to pick up pan.

57. Go back to fridge room, shut freezer, then go back out and right.

58. Zoom into water and use pan to collect the moon with water.

59. Go back and change night to day. Then go back to vault into the cabinet. Use pencil on book drawing and get cave sign.

60. Now go back into the cave and zoom up to the small island sign. Place cave sight above it then head right.

61. Go forwards then click right. Use scissors to retrieve skin then back up.

62. Go back to in front of Perfect Club and take a right. Give man his skin in exchange for roach repellent.

63. Now enter Perfect Club and use crowbar on the man in the back. Enter back room.

64. Use repellent on giant roach. Take giant antenna.

65. Go back to frig room and put the moon in the freezer then take it again.

66. Go back to roach room in cave. Place frozen moon on left side then enter mouth.

67. Place antenna on roach then enter his stomach(?).

The End!!!


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