Nekra Psaria 3

Check out the third installment to #NekraPsaria by #Dreammaneater! #PointAndClick #AdventureGames #SurrealGames
 After fetching his Living Generator some fuel, the T.V. people gave Johnny boy a few Errands to run around town. Now they promise he can go home. But not without a few hurtles to overcome.

 Introducing the third installment of Nekra Psaria-a bizarrely put point-and-click adventure by Drawmaneater!

 Finally, after the train ceased it's nightly rounds, Johnny arrived at his morbid destination. Home sweet home. Yet before he could go merrily on his way, another dastardly mutant beckons the boy to his residence. But not without running a few more errands with these wackos. You must help this lad solve a couple of dilemmas and crush a few cockroaches before retiring for the night.

Review of Nekra Psaria 3

 This installment pretty much picks up where the last two left off. With it's odd characters and twisted graphics. This time around, gameplay is much longer but still lacking in intense difficulty. Nekra Psaria 3 is very weird but runs along smoothly once you get the hang of it. I give this sequel 4.5 out of 5 stars! Luckily a walkthrough is provided below in case you get stuck.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Nekra Psaria 3!

Nekra Psaria 3 Walkthrough

1. Go straight then left out of train car.

2. Go left and enter cabin to take glove.

3. Once out, go forward until you've reached home.

4. Go into your mailbox, read note, then take cockroach repellent item.

5. Click left then enter the strange bar.

6. Zoom into the garbage can and take the bone.

7. Zoom into man and take note of his soup complaint.

8. Take a right into the happy place and take note of man's complaint to your right.

9. Obviously he's missing something the other four have.

10. Leave the bar and head to the music store to your left.

11. Note what the t-shirts or cloths advertise what they'll trade for music-fish.

12. Now leave music store and enter plant shop.

13. Go into back room and use glove to harvest red pepper.

14. Now go back and take a left. Climb bean stock latter and plant-pod. Note symbol on the wall indicating what it needs to thrive.

15. No go back to the bar and give the man what he wants in his soup--red pepper. He'll give you his flaming head in return.

16. Leave the bar and go into your home. Back up then right twice.

17. Go straight into dark room and light it up with flaming head.

18. Go into back room and note that the lopsided bird is decapitated and needs a head.

19. Back out and head for the room to your left.

20. Zoom in and insert plant pod under pouring water to grow a bean stock. Climb up then go down the hall.

21. Zoom to the left frame. Then push lever. A shabby box appears. Open it and take birds head and smiling teeth.

22. You can't do anything with the right frame yet.

23. Head back downstairs into the former dark room. Then to back room. Give the decapitated bird it's head. He will give you a key in exchange.

24. Go back to the bar into the happy place and give the man a smiley face(to your right). In return he'll bestow a fish coin.

25. Go to the music store and give the dude that fish coin. He'll trade you that for an LP record.

26. Leave shop then go right four times to cavern. Zoom forward and insert record unto  the phonograph. This will unlock the cavern door.

27. Enter then bang a right. Use bone on dog and repellent on cockroach.

28. Back out of right room then go straight twice. Zoom into streaming water and take grey lever.

29. Go back to your home. Go up the bean stock and forwards to the frame on your right.

30. Insert lever on frame then pull it. Another box appears. Open box with key. Grab the weeping head.

31. Head back to the cavern into the room with the dog. Zoom in and insert weeping head into pod to grow another bean stock.

32. Go up, zoom into pedestal, and grab cap.

33. Go down then back out of right room. Go forward twice and use cap to block drain. The ferryman will give you a lift across.

34. Give the doorkeepers their respective heads then enter door.

35. Use poison to deal with another giant roach then head out to the lake.

36. Go into box and retrieve jar plus lever.

37. Zoom in and talk to plant who needs fuel.

38. Go right then enter door.

39. Zoom into windowsill and grab light bulb.

40. Go through butterfly doors and grab net from desk.

41. Leave building, go left twice, then head down the hole.

42. Go straight then left into the alligator room.

43. Use lever on alligator. Zoom in and grab one of his teeth.

44. Back up then take a right.

45. Go into tent and read book on how to make big things small.

46. You need boiling water, an alligator tooth, and a snail shell.

47. Back out, take a right, and enter the door with daisies around it.

48. Insert light bulb into suspended lamp. catch butterfly with net.

49. Now back out then take a right.

50. Go down hall and pick up torch.

51. Go straight into firefly room.

52. Zoom into house and snatch grampa firefly.

53. Go back up to the lake on ground level.

54. Take a left and zoom into garbage can.

55. Give the crab the jar in exchange for the snail shell.

56. Go back down the hole all the way to the tent.

57. Use torch on cauldron to get boiling water.

58. Now throw in the alligator's tooth and the snail shell to create shrinking potion.

59. Go back up to the lake. Go right twice and give the frog a firefly.

60. Now go into the building(to your right) again and through the double butterfly doors.

61. Give the man the butterfly in exchange for fuel.

62. Now go back to talking plant and give him some fuel. He will give you a gourd as a reward.

63. Head back to the cauldron underground and use gourd to retrieve potion.

64. Now go back to ground level and go left twice into cave. A giant cockroach blocks your way.

65. Use potion to shrink him.

66. He scurries away. Finally you are home!..Or are you?

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