Hero In The Ocean

Here is an awesome undersea adventure game Hero In the Ocean part one and two! #AdventureGames #OnlineGames #FlashGames
 Way down beneath the surface of the sea lay a labyrinth of subterranean caverns teaming with exotic creatures and marvelous treasure untold. Unfortunately, many divers have roamed these dark underwater caves and were never heard from again. That's why you have been sent to these fluid crags.

 In the first installment, you must rescue all scuba divers trapped within these corridors many many fathoms under the sea. Be wary of lasers and other booby traps laying in wait for you. In part 2, you must hunt deep sea caverns for exquisite gold. There a creatures far more malevolent in this installment. Within each lever of both games are three stars which'll unlock new levels down the road.

 I find both to be well-executed and thought-out. Especially the ending of part one where you must hunt for the credits to appear though a secret tunnel. Not to be outdone, #2 has a level where you must enter the tummy of a craged creature to finish the course. Although the first game might be too easy for some, part two is a bit more challenging. The soothing piano acrostics and oceanic sountracking give these two an ambient atmosphere. In all, I give both 5 stars for intrigue and intricate computer animation.

Play Hero In the Ocean!

Play Hero In the Ocean 2!


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