Undead On Halloween

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There is a legend that goes something like this...

 On every Halloween Night in Crypton Missouri, restless spirits under a demonic curse rise out of their morbid graves. These zombies are nothing but rotting bones eminating a putrid smell. These wretched beings are reanimated skeletons walking the march of death. Tonight, you will witness the legend right before your eyes.

 You have been sent by the rectory in town to stomp out these diabolical renegades. These skeletal caricatures must not escape through that old wooden door or else the town will face an epidemic of the living dead!

 Use your enormous white glove to rain down holy water on these imbeciles. To do that just right-click and press down on your mouse. Each course will only get harder as you go along. Be wary of Jack-O-Lanterns and such whose presence will force you to clench a sour fist-allowing those cryptoids to enter the land of the living. Not to worry as a couple of sacred drops will also dispel these malevolent ghouls. The clergy of Crypton are counting on you. Don't let a peaceful evening of Trick-Or-Treating turn into a vicious apocalypse!

Review of Undead On Halloween (Online Version)

 Although nothing completely new, the challenge is sure to keep you on your toes. With high-stilled computer animation and festive background music, "Undead On Halloween" will whet your appetite for the season. Overall Jochen Karcher did a great job designing this kooky trinket! Enjoy until the big day comes!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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