Haunted Halloween

Here is a #Halloween #StrategyGame by #Gamehub called Haunted Halloween!
 Well, it appears Jack has once again lost his head and needs your help to get it recapitated again. Introducing "Haunted Halloween"-a physics-based strategy inducer by Gamehub!

 As the third-person, you must bend matter or manipulate your surroundings by eliminating platforms, expanding/shrinking blocks, and detonating bombs to get this head-less specters skull back on his shoulders. At first it'l be a breeze. But as you get going, the challenge will slowly kick in. Speaking of difficulty, if you finish each course within a certain time-lot, you'll get a star! There are 30 courses in all. Good luck and happy capitations.

Haunted Halloween Review

 I find this to be squeaky clean with top-notch graphics and gourmet animation. The music is fairly child-like and festive, especially the into. The challenge is not overbearing but a walkthrough is provided in game in case your stuck. Overall, "Haunted Halloween" is another well done kooky strategy just in time for the big day!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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