Spook House

Come try your shot at this physics-based #StrategyGame by #Kiz10 called Spook House! #HalloweenGames  A group of bachelors once lived in this ancient house. But a crook snarled after their trust funds and murdered each one after the other. He slipped a few dabs of formaldehyde in their drinks. So slowly they drifted off to sleep never to wake again. 

 Memories of life are quite foggy and distorted. Now that they've transitioned into a couple of spooks, these college ghosts have been dwelling peacefully in this mansion for over 200 years. 

 That's until a real estate agent decided to put the old home up for sale.

 But this is their living quarters. These guys have paid good money to secure this manor. Now you must help these ghouls scare the daylights out of this realtor before she closes in on a deal with a prospective buyer. Just pop the gadget the specter is hiding in and let him roll toward the agent to catch her. Collect all the stars along the way for added points. There are thirty courses in all. Completing six levels reveals a new ghost. A walkthrough is provided within the game.

Spook House Review

 I find this physics-based strategy game quite charming. The animation is cartoonisticly zany and the soundtracking is quite festive. So if you'd like to kill fifteen minutes playing a laid-back Halloween strategy, then I believe "Spook House" is just right for you!

Ratings: 5 Stars! 

Play Spook House!


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