Here is the first installment of a #Halloween #FlashGame adventure Jinx! #PointAndClick #HalloweenGames
 On one dark and stormy Halloween Night, while all the kids in the neighborhood were trick-or-treating, you stumbled across a foreboding home on top of a lonesome hill. "Maybe this old creep has some goodies to spare. ya can't judge a house by it's cover" you quipped.

 And so you slowly inched toward this grusome dwelling. Then you reached for the doorbell to ring it. Suddenly the front door eerily creaks open. After taking just one step forward, the door slams shut!  Now you find yourself locked within a creepy manor with no one close enough to call for help! 

 Grab your mouse and have a look around the joint while you're here. Click on items to store within your inventory. They might come in handy later on. It appears a mad scientist lives here and is trapped within the attic. Talking to him is your only rout of escape.

 Although nothing to shout home about, I find this seasonal point-and-click adventure to be somewhat festive and comical for Halloween. There's more to the flick so stay tuned! A walkthrough is provided below in case you get stuck.

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Jinx!

Jinks Walkthrough

1. Go through double-doors, read diary on kitchen-table, then enter pantry. 

2. Get blue gemstone from barrels.

3. Go back out to foyer, enter right door to sitting room, and read dumbwaiter-instructions.

4. Enter right door, grab duct-tape. then head back to the kitchen.

5. Use duct-tape on dumbwaiter to mend it then go up.

6. Read fuse-manual on table then go out to second-floor corridor.

7. Go right then up into guest-room.

8. Pick up fuse from night-stand then exit room.

9. Go down into bedroom, pick up red gemstone from nightstand, read second diary on bed, then exit room.

10. Enter right door, insert fuse into machine, pick up iron key from soda machine, then exit.

11. Use iron key to open jail-door then go upstairs.

12. Go left, pickup flashlight, then come back.

13. Go down into 3rd story bedroom, go right into closet, pickup bucket and plunger, then go back to corridor.

14. Go left then down into 3rd story bathroom.

15. Use plunger on toilet to get yellow gemstone. Turn tub faucet on to fill bucket with water then go out.

16. Enter double door to strudyroom. Read book on table(if you like). Use water-bucket to put out fire then go up to attic.

17. Read yellow book on floor. As instructed, insert each gemstone in it's proper place, then enter to watch conclusion.

To Be Continued...


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