Creepo's Tales

Check out #CarmelGames spoof of #TalesFromTheCrypt #CreeposTales. The first installment-Chopping Mall! #Halloween #HalloweenGames
 It's been told many many times over a bonfire or under the mattress. Every time Summer camp commences or the month of October approaches. This tale has become a clitch or sorts.

 The story goes that Mike owned a fairly successful burger joint in a major regional mall. But one day, Joe appeared and opened shop next door. He claimed his burgers were way better then Mike's. There was a secret ingredient which made everyone crave his meat. Indeed, all of Mike's former loyal customers crowded over to Joe's stand-salivating each bite of his scrumptious burgers. 

 Coincidentally, many people have gone missing. Police say the suspect hides in the mall parking garage and abducts helpless victims, then takes off. No one knows who or what would do such a thing. The kidnapper remains a mystery.

 Now it's in your hands to unravel this mystery. Grab a mouse to interact with your surroundings. Pick up useful items and store them in your inventory. Connect the dots until you find out who this criminal is. The answer might surprise you!

 Creepos Tales is a spoof to that old but spooktacular series "Tales From the Crypt" that they no longer air. The storyline had an interesting spin toward the ending. Carmel Games has done another great job delivering such a simple yet interactive story.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Creepos Tales Walkthrough

1. Grab napkin from the counter of Joe's burgers.

2. Get burger from your food stand.

3. Click right to head toward the lobby.

4. Click the security room on third floor to enter.

5. Pick up cup, crowbar, and broomstick then leave.

6. Enter gift shop, click handle next to woman to trap her.

7. Now use broomstick on sword to retrieve it then leave.

8. Go to Organic fruit shop, purchase pumpkin, then leave.

9. Click on map head for Burger Ranch.

10. Use crowbar to enter establishment.

11. Click trash-bin to get rotten sauce.

12. Click on map and head for the wax museum.

13. Click on math ad and take note of pattern. If you must know, the code is...


14. Now enter staff room and take mannequin, then leave.

15. Click on map and head for gas station.

16. Talk to owner to purchase a dozen donuts.

17. Click on map again and go to the police station.

18. Put the dozen donuts on table stand to lure cop away.

19. Click on classified files to read them then leave.

20. Click on map and head back to the Chopping mall.

21. Go to parking lot on second floor.

22. Combine mannequin and pumpkin in your inventory.

23. Now place resultant scarecrow on red X.

24. After the dumb kidnapper abducts dummy, get the key he dropped.

25. Go to lobby then foodcourt.

26. Combine hamburger with rotten sauce then give Joe the resultant concoction.

27. Go into restrooms and fill cup with tap water.

28. After giving her a drink. She begs for more. Now go back into the bathroom, this time fill it with toilet water, then give it to Joe.

29. Now sneak behind Joe's counter into the kitchen.

30. Insert key into lock then type in Joe's business number as the code.

31. Now enter the refrigerator for a gruesome factoid.

32. Use sword to cut rope and kill the butcher.

33. Watch epilogue.

The End!!!

Play Creepo's Tales!


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