Scare Dare: The Abandoned House

Dare to enter this forsaken house infested with the departed spirits of the victims of a hungry demon! #HorrorGames #Halloween #HalloweenGames Legend has it that a Medieval King once owned a mystical relic queried from a rock near Rome. Within it lay a sorcerer's stone which had the power to summon a demon at anytime.

 Well it's been said that one of the ancient shamans of the Iberian Peninsula called upon a demon then trapped him within a sacred shard of glass which he later fashioned into a royal mirror and sold the set to King Napoleon for 3,000 Francs. The Shaman assured him this elaborate piece of glass could make him the most powerful ruler the world has ever known.

 Indeed, it was this very mirror that drove him to commit many atrocious deeds for the sake of conquest. In fact, the cursed object led him to go insane and later take his own life. For that very reason, the new king ordered the relic be banished from his sight-far away from the realm of France. 

 Years later, Adolf Hitler once wondered into a cave and found this very mirror beckoning him to come closer. The demon granted his wish to eventually become Dictator of Germany after a failed attempt to take over Munich. The mirror infused in him a firm hatred against all Semitics and eventually all Christians. But the unclean spirit's insatiable hunger also led him to defeat and insanity.

 The allies found the mirror and hid it in another cave where Mr. Edwin would eventually find it. Like his victims before them, they one by one succumbed to the demons tantalizing allurements of fame, fortune, and beauty. Edwin yearned for prestige and glory. He soon became a wretched hermit who despised his aging wife. His dear wife Lydia would do anything to be and feel young again-to relish in the beauty of her youth. In payment for their wished, these two became eternal slaves of this evil spirit.

 But then again that's just legend. Your friends have dared you to enter this forsaken house this Halloween. Now you must prove to them that your not a coward. Now let's get to the bottom of this mystery and see if the legend holds any water.

Scare Dare Review

 I find this game to be well-executed with some suspense. It has a plot which only thickens as you progress along. The animation is fairly standard with excellent stenciled graphics. All in all, I give this horror game five thumbs up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Scare Dare House Escape Walkthrough

1. Grab the red flower from vase in the foyer then turn about.

2. At the entrance grab the floor-plan map by the door frame, take note of the 3=3 edged into the door, go back into the foyer, then go left.

3. In the parlor room pick up Lydia's diary then head to the dining room.

4. Grab the purple flower from vase, go back to parlor room, then bang a right into the first story corridor.

5. Now enter the second right door(open door) to the stairs leading up to the second story.

6. Take note of 4=6 etched below staircase. Now go up, head into the 2nd floor corridor, and bang a left into the bathroom.

7. The mirror beckons you to find the crystal. Hopefully more diary reading will unveil there whereabouts.

8. Go forward into the lavatory. Pick up the kitchen key from the sink. Head back out to the 2nd story corridor, then click the second right door to the bottom floor staircase.

9. Go down twice then use key for the door at end of hall to enter the kitchen.

10. Grab the knife near the pumpkin then the guestroom key on the table to your right. Now head back up to the 2nd story corridor.

11. On the second left door use key to enter the guest bedroom.

12. Grab yellow flower from vase then read Dr. Ford's diary.

13. Go back to the hallway then enter third left door into Thomas's room.

14. Read the kid's diary then go to Thomas'a drawer and use knife to cut through box to retrieve blue flower. Go back to the hallway then click on first right door to the second story staircase.

15. shatter the vase to your left to retrieve the master bedroom key. Go upstairs to the attic door and take note of 5=4 marked on the floor.

16. Now head back to the second story hallway and use key on door at corridors end.

17. Read Lydia's letter(to Edwin). Take note of 1=2 marked on back wall. Click right and go into the whole in the wall.

18. Put each flower in it's respective color-coded vase and receive the key from the box for the study room.

19. Go back to the first floor corridor. Use key on first right door(the study room).

20. Grab Edwin's diary from desk and clerks note from bookshelf(upper-right behind desk). Take note of 2=5 etched on desk.

21. Now click on safe box. Those numbers in many rooms are a clue to it's combination.

O.K. if you must know the combination is in Roman numerals as,

2 5 3 6 4

22. Now get the small key from box and head back to the guestroom.

23. Go to Mr. Ford's nightstand and use small key on little box to get the attic key and amulet.

24. Go to the second story corridor and read another page of Lydia's diary.

25. Now head for the attic staircase one more of Lidia's diary notes.

26. Now go up to the attic, read the text, then quickly grab lower-left brick and break the glass around the crystal.

27. Now quickly use crystal on mirror to vanquish demon to retrieve front door key. Or he'll keep eating you alive!

28. Now head for the front door for your escape.

You Win!

Now go play Scare Dare Abandoned House Escape!


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