Creepo's Tales 2

Join this creep as he tells you another horror story in Creepos Tales 2! #Halloween #HalloweenGames #TalesFromTheCrypt
 Legend has it that Mason was once a good law-abiding citizen who loved to go camping up in the mountains. Every morning he would get up early and strut through the forest upon every carved trail. But one fatal turn would change all that.

 On a chilly October morning Mason decided to brave running through a narrow corridor with steep cliffs on either side. For awhile the guy managed well. But dashing a foot upon just one big protruding pebble sent him tumbling down a sharp hillside until banging his head upon a solid rock. His corpse laid the unconscious. No one really knows what happened next.

 Some say he became a zombie and started massacring to stay alive. Others insist the man never gave up the ghost but simply turned into a psychopath due to head trauma. But whatever tale is true, the Red Wood Forest Reserve closes the park every Friday the 13th in fears of running into this psychotic killer. 

 Pedro has been sent to investigate if this legend bears any semblance of truth. So on one particular Friday the thirteenth, this Brazilian dared to defy the pleas of the park officials and entered the reserve alone late at night! He needs your help to complete his mission.

 Grab that mouse in hand to click and store items in your inventory. There are a few clues to decipher. These clues will keep you from becoming another victim of Mason the Slayer!

 I thought Creepos Tales part 2 was more exiting then the First Installment. Especially the final scene. Otherwise the look and feel is pretty similar just with a new story. Enjoy this spoof to the great horror series Tales From the Crypt!

Creepos Tales 2 Walkthrough

1. Get key from mail box, note color-coded numbers next to Jason the Moose(Blue 1, Green 2, Red 3), then leave.

2. Click on Visitors Center then use key on cabin door to enter.

3. Grab the Native American rug.

4. Get key near the clock and wizard then leave cabin and Visitors section.

5. Click on Ranger's Station then mailbox to read the mail and collect antique coin.

6. Use key on Ranger's cabin to enter.

7. Zoom in and note picture on left wall with colored X's.

8. Grab spatula, grappling hook, and binoculars around left table then leave area.

9. Go back to Visitors Center and use spatula on wizard coin slot.

10. Insert coin in machine.

11. Go out and grab knife a on the tree branch next to Justin Beaver(couldn't resist) then leave.

12. Click on Lookout Point then use binoculars on scenery and remember the X's from the Ranger's cabin then leave. 

13. Click on river rafting, use knife to cut rope below Jason the Moose, then combine hook and rope to get a barrel on the rivers other side.

14. Insert code 321 to retrieve a screwdriver then leave.

15. Go back to the Ranger's Station and use screwdriver ply off a chunk of the floor.

16. Use lucky carpet to cover hole as a trap.

The End!!!

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