Super Mario Crossover!

Ever wondered what #Kirby or #Link would do in #SuperMarioBrothers? Well, here's your chance to find out! #MarioGames #NES #Nintendo
 Once again Bowser-King of the Koopas, has mustered all his forces against the Mushroom kingdom. In multiple files every Goomba and Koopa marches toward the Princess's castle armed with Boos and other exotic creatures. Together they plan to abduct Peach and overthrow the Toadstoolian empire.

 Toad in utter panic has enlisted not only the Mario Brothers but also Link, Samus, Megaman, and many other iconic figures from different platforms to put an end to King Koopa's schemes once and for all. So now Mario has the Hylian empire upon his side and then some! It now appears Bowser is in big trouble!

 If you ever imagined what it'd be like to have Bill Rizer, Sophia 111, or even Simon Belmont toggling Goomas then here's your chance to find out! Each character does exactly what they do in their respective domain. The older version is a splash of NES nostalgia while the newer ones embark upon the realm of Super Nintendo and then Nintendo DS! I think Jay over at Newsgrounds did a great job on each edition though a few times animation was a bit sluggish(but that could've been just me). I give him an A for effort!

Ratings: 5 Stars on each!

Play Super Mario Crossover!

Here's an older Version!


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