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 Andross has once again rallied his Venomian troops in hopes of thwarting the Lylat System in darkness as he attempts to assume his reign of terror! Star Fox, Peppy Hare, Slippy, and Falco have once again been commissioned by Corneria to eradicate his evil plans and restore this solar system back to a state of tranquility. Andross was not always like this.

 As a kid, your dad used to tell you stories of how Andross's former benevolence and use to society. He was one of the elders of the planet Corneria. A scientist who searched for answers in saving this Earth-like habitation from becoming a desolate waste. However one day, he made a discovery which some believe influenced him to become arrogant.

 As time marched onward, Andross proposed before the planet council that he be the sole ruler of this terrestrial ball. But when the council rejected his proposal, the scientist took matters in his own hands and proclaimed himself King of Corneria with an army to stop any who hindered his ambition. At this, the council unanimously ruled that he be imprisoned upon the planet Venom indefinitely!

 Once he got there, Andross sneakily broke free from security. What he did next shocked everyone. The mad scientist performed an experiment on himself-transforming into a monster with a big head with giant hands! This test gave him enormous powers to rule the Gas Giant! In no time he persuaded numerous units on various planets to rebel against Corneria and join his forces to conquer the Lylat System. He would then build on the foundations of the ruins an evil empire that would spread among the stars. His ego knew no end!

 Every night your father would tell you the tale before tucking you in bed. You would then drift to sleep wondering how good men can turn into bad guys. But then the alarm rudely buzzes you out of nostalgia. The four of you must stop Andross and his evil minions from taking control of this star! Hit the Spacebar to shoot and D to detonate bombs. S can be used to activate your shield(briefly). Be careful Star Fox. Take courage. The fate of the Lylat System rests on your shoulders!

Star Fox Flash Review

 I was a bit disappointed by the lack of variety and monotone gameplay. Yes, I know it's 2D but shooting the same arwings and battalion can get weary after the first 5 minutes. The soundtrack is faithful to the original Star Fox 64! I've only gotten to the final boss of the first level so. Overall, I give this rendition an average 3 out of 5 stars!

Ratings: 3 Stars!

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