Snail Bob 4

Come join #SnailBob as he takes a journey across the Milky Way! #StrategyGames #AdventureGames
 So far, Snail bob has been through three menacing journeys. First, he attempted to carve out a simple lifestyle near a Lake. Then fought tooth and nail to find his grandpa a present for his Birthday. Afterwards, this gastropod trekked across the hot dry dessert of Egypt in search for treasure. Now the snail has been chosen to embark on a quest among the stars of outer space!

 NASA has just discovered a planet the size of Earth orbiting a nearby star. What's more? The atmosphere is very much like our own with plenty or oxygen, nitrogen, and even a little carbon dioxide to keep heat from escaping into the nothingness of space. They've also found what appears to be purplish vegetation upon one of it's continents. So the U.S. government has selected you as their guinea pig to see if the slug can survive in one piece.

 As with previous installments, you must find a way to get this snail from point A to point B by manipulating your surroundings via using that mouse to point-and-click those hurtles away. Be wary of exquisite booby traps and hungry aliens who'll swallow you in one bite. Yes, there is a nemesis to contend with at the very end. But once he's defeated, you can slurp your way back to grandpa's house(before he has a heart attack). As an added challenge, try to find all three stars hidden in each course.

Snail Bob 4 Review

 I find this installment very similar to previous episodes. Great execution and finely-toggled zany animation. The difficulty might be too easy for some but just right for those who'd prefer to experience an adventure over a pure challenge. Overall, part 4 still has the magic that made the first three Snail Bob's wonderful!

Ratings: 5 Stars! 

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