Snail Bob 3

This Gastropod must embark on another journey. This time amid the Pyramids of Egypt! #SnailBob #PointAndClick #AdventureGames
 After searching for a quaint little home in the First Installment, Mr. Bob then fetched his grandpa a last minute Birthday Present. Now the snail must trek through the treacherous foothills of Egypt unto the brimming pyramids to seek out rare treasure! But in order to do so, this Gastropod must say farewell to his folks and journey to the Coptic land alone. 

 As before, you must point-and-click to manipulate your surroundings and make stuff happen. Be wary of booby traps and such as one zap will send you to the emergency ward. Believe me, you don't want mummy doctors tending your wounds. There are 25 levels in all and three golden stars to grab within each. In case your stuck, a walkthrough is provided within the game's site.

Snail Bob 3 Review

 Similar to previous installments, the graphics are crisp and well-executed! The Egyptian soundtracking just blends right in. But unlike the last two episodes, this newest edition has more dexterity and resolution! Yet the platforms do not deviate too far from what went before. Overall, I give Snail Bob 3 five golden stars for effort!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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