Here is one of the #VideoArcade giants of it's time #Frogger by #Konami!
 In 1981, Konami released Frogger in every video arcade across Japan and then the world. It was distributed by Sega for the American market before they developed home consoles years down the road-when they were an arcade joint-venture with Gremlin Industries. Originally the arcade classic was to be dubbed "Highway Crossing Frog" but the guys at Sega said "heck no"!  In no time did Frogger become an instant coin-op success right on up there with Pacman, Asteroids, and Space Invaders!

Frogger Gameplay

 Like it's cabinet companion, you must hop each frog across rush hour traffic, over the river upon floating logs and lily pads(or turtles), right on up into their homes at the top of your screens. Watch out for munching alligators, hissing snakes, and voluptuous otters. Nevermind being splattered by a speeding Semi or SUV!  For extra points, do snake on a few flies or even better: Escort a damsel(Purple Lady Frog) across the river. You've only got so much time to bring each frog(five in all) safely nestled home. Good luck and may the frogs smile upon you!

Although the screen is a bit small compared to it's arcade counterpart, gameplay otherwise conforms to the classic in every way! Even the sound effects are identical. Overall, I give this classic 4.9 stars!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Play Frogger!


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