Super Mario Racing

Here are three #MarioKart #RacingGames by #Gamesumo!
 Once again the Koopian Kingdom wanted to wage war with the peace-loving Toadstoolian empire! Bowser, King of the Koopa's was born a rebel. Two-thirds of the Koopa-troopers sided with him. While the remaining 1/3 came to Mario's aid. Unfortunately, this faction would continue as an antagonist against King Mario's realm unless something drastic changes.

 So Lakito, ruler of the clouds struck a peace corps. A race would determine the fate of each Kingdom across the land. So on with the races! Hopefully this'll help mello Bowser out. After all he is getting up there in age. He first made the scene as a 35-year-old rebel back in 1985!

Super Mario Racing Review

 The first game was a bit botched-up and crammy. Though part two and three were much better furbished and executed. But with each of them you must press the Up Arrow Key to drive and the Right/Left Arrows to keep your craft steady(somewhat a pain in the but). Hit Space to jump and X to launch your missiles(whatever you collect). Other then those hurdles, the Super Mario Racing Trio was well-done(especially the sequels)!

Ratings for all three: 4.0 Stars!

Play Super Mario Racing!

Play Super Mario Racing 2!

Play Super Mario Racing 3!


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