Rob and Aliens!

Help Rob eradicate the aliens from his doggy world! #RetroGaming #Platforming #FlashGames
Once upon a time,

 There lived a little bow-wow in the land of Chug. Just one of many puppies in the clan of the Canines. This placed enjoyed immense peace and abundant prosperity. With plenty to eat and nothing to worry about. Until visitors from another galaxy came and ruined all the fun.

 As leader of the doggy pack, Rob has been commissioned by the Familiaris Herd to eradicate these unwelcome guests from our midst. Use the Right and Left Arrow Keys to move, Upper Arrow Key/Space to jump, and Lower Arrow Key to bark! Alternately,WASD can also be used for jumping, walking, and barking. Trust me, his bark is worse then his bite. In fact, it's efficient to do the job well. But our little chihuahua needs needs his fix to bark with enough force. Luckily, there are some doggy bones to devour along the way.

 There are eight courses in all. Within each are some buttons to collect for a higher score. The breed back home are counting on you. Do not let them down. Failures not an option!

Rob and Aliens Review

 I love the general soundtrack and the doggy feel to this platformer. Gameplay is nostalgic and old-school. With 16-bit graphics and art design. I have no complaints regarding it's difficulty. Overall, Woody did a great job crafting a retroesque adventure platformer!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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