Kirby Flash Game

Here is a flash game rendition to the famous #Kirby #VideoGame mascot! #Nintendo
 Since 1992, Kirby has stared in various video games starting with Kirby's Dream Land. Like Mario, this puffy-cheeked fella has been known to go on bold adventures to rescue his world from danger. He lives on the planet Pop Star orbiting it's star Cornelius. He is renowned as a superhero in the Kingdom of Dreamland!

 But malevolent forces from another galaxy keep a jealous eye on this jolly planet and have been known to cause terrible nightmares and posses it's inhabitants. Even the king of Dreamland himself. Under the influence of this dark matter, King Dedede has been known to turn on his people and conscript them to manuel labor. The Nightmare Wizard and the Meta Knight have joined their ranks and the King now demands the head of Kirby.

 It's now up to you to save this once thriving kingdom from the clutches of evil. You must float through numerous platforms using the Left/Right Arrow Keys to move, Upper Arrow Key to float, Spacebar to jump, and the ALT button for inhaling enemies and blocks! Good luck and may the sweet dreams be with you.

Kirby Flash Review

 The look and feel definitely feels like a Kirby game. Especially the background music! Though the platforming was very redundant and lacked a lot of variety. But the superb execution is what saves this from being another drudged flash game.

Ratings 4.0 Stars!

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